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Free Acoustics Consulting

To get your FREE Acoustic treatment plan please send to Acustica Applicata the following information:

1 - Plan of the listening room with its measures (height, lenght, depth)
2 - The distance from tweeter to lateral walls, to back wall and between the loudspeakers
3 - The distance from the listening position to loudspeakers and to the listener back wall
4 - the position of doors, windows and large furnishings, with their sizes
5 - The kind and quantity of any acoustic treatment that is already in place
6 - The kind and or bass extension of the loudspeakers
7 - The description of any noticeable defect of the sound field: unbalancement L - R of sound stage, lack of depth , low focusing, long basses, metallic high frequencies, ecc.)(You can send some photos of your listening environment to complete the information)

ACUSTICA APPLICATA srl, via Roma, 79 - 55027 Gallicano (Lucca) Italy
Fax: 0583/730914 Email:

You'll get your plan back approximately in two weeks directly delivered to your door.

We have realized more than 3000 plans since 1992, and our work has been generally appreciated by our customers very much.