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The best sound harmonizer of the world

DaaD Mark II:

The remarkable Acustica Applicata classic renews itself.

Introduced in the year 2000, DaaDs are reborn in their new Mark II release with a redesigned internal construction for improved performance.

Throughout their sixteen years, thousands of DaaDs have been installed in the finest sounding rooms around the world. They are still the most versatile and efficient device for modern acoustic treatment in high fidelity listening environments where superlative system performance is demanded.

Aesthetically DaaD Mark II’s are identical to the original series; the important structural improvements are inside each DaaD Mark II model. The only visual difference is the new gold label, replacing the previous silver, and bearing the name Mark II on our classic oval.

After extensive in-depth research, we have replaced and reconfigured the original internal layers of acoustic material with innovative modern fibers. These materials are an exclusive progressive structure, the result of years of study into the microscopic infrastructure of synthetic fibers. Broad band absorption is even smoother than before, with an overall 20% increase in the efficiency of each DaaD II.

Increased efficiency means fewer devices are needed to achieve the same result while increasing the effectiveness of each DaaD II in its respective position within the room set up. This translates into lower average cost of each acoustic installation, while also achieving a more powerful result.

Our new internal materials are totally no-toxic, do not emit micro-particles into the air even after many years of use, and do not gradually yellow when exposed to direct sunlight. This insures both the long term functioning of our unique absorption/diffusion technology and the retention of each device’s cosmetic beauty.

With our new series of DaaD Mark II models, in addition to the tunable variable resonators Polifemo and Volcano, Acustica Applicata reinforces its supremacy as the most sophisticated and evolved range of products for acoustic treatment, specifically developed for high resolution playback in the home and recording studio.


DaaD is a registered trademark of
Acustica Applicata - Italy